Agua Caliente Huge Success!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 Article By


Fight night at beautiful Agua Caliente lived up to the luxury resort and casino’s name; it was a HOT, HOT, HOT night with 24-heart-pounding-bouts including, 8 GLADIATOR CHALLENGE WORLD TITLE matches!

First in the cage for the 145-pound amateur WORLD TITLE Cameron Underhill KO’d Danny Padilla in 3-minutes flat at the end of the first round. The excitement kept the pace with bout two where Cole Bates got the TKO over Luke Melchlor 1:03 into the 2nd.

Jason Rumao pulled it out over Henry Murillo with the judge’s decision after 3 full-battle rounds in the 3rd match and in the fourth match the crowd really went wild cheering over the non-stop pulverizing action from Temok Guana and Steven Douglas. Temok took out Douglas :43 into the 2nd round.

The man is a machine! Doc was in the house and stopped the 5th fight when Miguel Cortoreall started bleeding profusely near his left eye 1:21into the first giving Miller the win followed by massive blows in the 130-pound amateur fight by winner Heber Castillo over Alexis Cardona in the 6th bout.

Sara Snow repeatedly pounded Vanessa Morrison into the mat in the 7th bout of the evening giving Snow the 155-pound female amateur WORLD TITLE 1:14 into the first with a TKO.

The action never slowed down for a second and Gabriel Lopez got the TKO in the 8th match against Anthony Ross a minute into their 2nd round followed by local boy Steve Swanson who KO'd Chris Chavez :54 into the first. Chavez was out cold!

In the 10th match of the night, Miguelito Marti tapped out against James "Mooka" Barnes 1:34 in their first round making way in the cage for Troy Guerra and a TKO over Mario Caserra 1:22 into the 2nd. John "Baby Face" Penny tapped out in the 13th match-up against Mike Flach 1:55 into the first round and Dustin Codispoti got a first round tap out of "Super" Miles Cooper in the 14th.

Nikko Cataline TKO'd Alexander Moses 1:43 into the first and the judges called it for Jeremy Hashin over Julian “Jay” Pinto after three full rounds in the 15th match. We also saw heavyweight Jamiah Williamsson tap out giving opponent Everette Cummings the win in their first round.

The high octane beatings kept coming when Danny Navario got a first round TKO over Jared Muir in the 17th bout, leaving 8 more fights left in the evening.

Willie Gates made quick work of an injured Eddie Gonzalez who tapped out :20 into their first round, but the crowd had no time to be disappointed because in the next match Tatiana Suarez toppled Tyra “Honey Badger” Parker by unanimous decision after three exhausting rounds in the 125-pound female WORLD TITLE match and reigning world champion Lisette Neri won by default when Ashley Just skipped out before the fight for the 145-pound female WORLD TITLE.

Juan Archuleta took the 135-pound WORLD TITLE with an armbar 2:25 into the 3rd round against Justin Santastevens and in the 21st match and fan favorite Marcello Mafra pummeled Jonaven Vistante taking the 155-pound WORLD TITLE 2:40 into their first round.

Johnathan 'Johnny Bravo" Wilson won Alex Puloto by decision for the 205-pound WORLD TITLE and for the main event, returning heavyweight Tommy Stokes got a quick TKO on James Johnson in first round earning him the GLADIATOR CHALLENGE HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD TITLE.