Gladiator Challenge Champion Wins On PPV - Bellator MMA 125

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Jesse Juarez vs.Ron Keslar

Round 1
Keslar opens with a jab-cross combination, and Juarez answers with a spinning back kick that is off it’s mark. Referee Marcos Rosales calls for action and Juarez obliges with a right hand over the top. Juarez changes levels looking for a takedown against the cage, and turns to take Keslar’s back. The California native drags his man to the canvas and begins looking for a rear-naked choke, but Keslar turns to defend. Juarez now going to work in half-guard, landing short punches to the head and body. Keslar tries pushing off the cage but the Torrance California native turns his back to the fence. With 1:00 left in the round, Keslar uses the butterfly guard to create some space as Juarez continues landing light ground and pound. With 20 seconds left in the round, Marcos Rosales calls for a stand up, and Juarez lands a right hand upstairs to close the frame. 10-9 Juarez.

Round 2

Juarez outpointed Keslar.
Keslar now stalking forward with a combination and Juarez again changes levels for a takedown. He doesn’t quite have it as the fighters are grounded against the cage. Keslar lands some solid elbows to the temple as Juarez continues to drive for the takedown. Keslar circles out and attaches himself to Calfiornia native’s back with one hook. Keslar trying to put pressure on Juarez as he begins fishing for a choke. Under 2:00 left in the round and Juarez remains in the turtle position with Keslar on his back. Keslar secures his second hook and tries to flatten his opponent out.

The former tournament finalist looks to create an opening with some strikes as he begins sinking his arm under Jurarez’s neck. Juarez defends well and the round closes in the same position. 10-9 Keslar.

Round 3

The final round begins with Keslar throwing out a 1-2 combination. Juarez trying to stay busy, but mainly throwing out range finding strikes. Keslar backs his opponent to the cage, and Juarez drops for a takedown, briefly completing it against the cage. Juarez jumps on his foe’s back, but Keslar reverses position and takes his back. With one hook in, Keslar begins going to work in the same position as round two. The American Kickboxing Academy product is trying to create openings, but Juarez using good wrist control. Under two minutes now left in the fight, and Juarez spins out to take top position. Juarez with a solid right hand down the middle and Keslar tries to get back to his feet. The Bodyshop Fitness Team fighter has his opponent’s back, but seems content with holding on here. Keslar tries to roll out of position, giving Juarez the space to secure both of his hooks, and the final round ends. 10-9 Juarez.

The Official Result

Jesse Juarez Def. Ron Keslar Decision (Unanimous) [29-28, 29-28, 29-28] R3 5:00