Monday, April 07, 2014 Article By GC Staff

Gladiator Challenge
April 5th 2014
Soboba Sports Complex
San Jacinto CA

Gladiator Challenge put on another SOLD OUT show at the Soboba Sports Complex. The night featured 23 action packed fights. Fighters put on quiet the show for all the loyal fans.

Willie Gates Captured the 135lb GC Title with his Submission victory over Mario Casares. Mario came out swinging looking for the knockout but Gates defused the striking game of Casares by getting a quick takedown into a submission.

And in the Main event Garreth De La Cruz became the new GC 125lb Champion by knocking out Ryan Jiles in the first round. It was very obvious both fighters were looking for the knockout as both came out throwing very heavy hands. It seemed Jiles was getting the best of the exchanges until De La Cruz landed an absolute monster of a right hand to send Jiles out for the count.

You missed some great fights if you weren't in attendance . Our next show at the Soboba Sports Complex will be June 28th 2014. Tickets go quick so be sure to get yours early!!!

Referee: Greg Guzman

Amateur Results 3-2min rnds

- Jaime Jimenez def. Bryan Dang via TKO 1:48 in rnd 3
- Gustavo Toledo def. Daniel Cuevas via Guillotine :40 in rnd 1
- Justin Reyes def. Michael Barajas via Triangle :35 in rnd 1
- Heber Castillo def. Anthony Renteria 3 rnd Unan. Decision
- Sara Snow def. Catalina Madrill via TKO 1:00 in rnd 1
- Alexander Moses def. Danny Padilla via 3 rnd Unan. Decision
- Carlos Puente def. Bruce Collins via TKO 1:13 in rnd 2
Pro 3-3

- Jaime Sierra def. Chris Chavez via TKO 1:01 in rnd 2
- KC Roberts def. Tim Valenzuela via TKO 1:45 in rnd 1
- Justin Governale def. Michael Bruno via 3 rnd Unan. Dec.
- Joe Merrit def. Dominique Chisem via TKO :22 in rnd 1
- James Barnes def. Josh Mason via TKO (Broken Arm) :15 in rnd 1
- Nick Vanderpool def. Matt Corrigan via TKO 1:43 rnd 1
- Anthony Rivera def. Myles Cooper via RNC 1:16 rnd 1
- Jeremy Hashim def. Brad Green via TKO 1:38 rnd1
- Willie Gates def. Mario Casares via RNC 1:59 rnd 1
- Jason Miknuk def. Brandon Anderson via Arm Bar 1:00 in rnd 1
- Johnathan Wilson def. Aquil Stratt via KO 1:46 rnd 1
- Khadzimurat Bestaev def. Isiah Alverado via Verbal Tapout :35 in rnd 1
- Clement Lacroix def. Robert Thompson via RNC :45 in rnd 1
- Tom Gloudeman def. Anthony Ross via TKO 2:27 rnd 1
- Latif Idris def. Miguelito Marti via TKO 2:08 rnd 2
- Garreth De La Cruz def. Ryan Jiles via KO 2:16 rnd 1